December Restock: All New Pork & Lamb Inventory!

Where to Find Your Order

Hidden Villla Farm Stand - Year-Round

Our farm stand is located at the entrance of the farm. Our address is:

26870 Moody Road

Los Altos, CA 94022 

Our farm stand is the white stucco building located in the CSA parking lot, which is the gravel lot on your immediate left as you pull into the farm from Moody Road. To let yourself in, walk around to the back side of the building and use the access code sent to you in your pick up notification to unlock the door using the keypad on the door handle. You'll find your order bagged and labeled with your name inside the upright freezer. If you've ordered eggs, they'll be in the small fridge compartment atop the freezer. Keep in mind that lock combinations will change regularly, so be sure to use the one that corresponds with the order you're picking up.